All kits are unassembled and unpainted. Building and finishing supplies are not included.
Kits are cast resin.
Recommended for the advanced modeler.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a garage kit?
A garage kit is somewhat of a generic term that usually means kits that are made from a polyurethane casting resin. The term originated due to the fact that no special equipment is needed in order to make the molds or do the casting, all of which can be done literally in one's garage.

Why garage kits?
Most resin/garage kits are of the more obscure subjects that the major model companys don't or will not produce. Most have a very low production run and are of Science Fiction and Horror subjects covering both vehicles and figures. In fact, almost any monster from any film has probably been available as a kit at one time.

So how is it different than a the model kit I can just buy at the hobby store?
Regular styrene plastic kits are made by injecting liquid plastic into heavy metal molds under high pressure. The results are thin plastic sections that are glued together to form hollow pieces. Resin kits, on the otherhand,  are made by pouring liquid resin into a flexible silicone molds that produce solid pieces to be glued together.

Are resin kits harder to build?
Not really, but they are typically recommended for the intermediate to advanced builder. While the materials are different, you are still basically gluing pieces together and filling seams. See building tips.

What is resin?
Polyurethane casting resin consists of two liquid parts that, when mixed at the proper ratio, will solidify in approximately 5-10 minutes.

How are the molds made?
The silicone (rubber) molds are usually made in two pieces. The basic procedure is as follows. The master object is embedded in clay to the point at which the mold is to split in half. A containment wall is then constructed around the clay. Next, the silicone is catalized and slowly poured over the master. When the rubber is cured (about 24 hours) the mold can be flipped over and the clay removed. A parting agent is then applied to the exposed silicone on the mold before pouring the second half. This prevents the two halves of the mold from adhering to each other. After another 24 hours the mold can be pulled apart and is ready to use.

How long will the mold last?
Anywhere from 40-60 good pieces can be expected before the mold gets tired or tears.

Is the casting process automated at all?
No, everything is done by hand.

Are all resin kits considered garage kits?
No. Garage kits are typically produced in limited quantities by small business ventures or individual artists. Kits that are mass produced are not considered to be garage kits.

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